Professional Fees

Initial Visit  $325
Approximately 1.5 hours         
Includes: Metabolic Typing, EAV Testing                       

Based on this review of your health history and lifestyle, we will then work with you to develop a personalized natural health plan which may include one or more of the following elements:

Please note - if you have copies of any recent laboratory tests (within the last 1-2 years), please bring them in. They can provide helpful information to review and inform appropriate treatment.

Follow Up Visit  $135
Approximately 45 minutes
Includes: EAV Testing

A second appointment in 3-8 weeks is required after the first appointment. Follow up appointments range from half hour to 1 hour visits. This appointment is important whether you feel completely better, unchanged, or worse, in order to make necessary revisions to your treatment. The frequency of ongoing follow-up visits then depends on your progress and the specific health concerns you have, but we will work with you to maximize the value of your visits with us.

Shopping Tour
1 hr at supermarket of your choice
1-4 person(s): $30 per person
5 or more: $20 per person

*Nutritional supplement costs are in addition to professional fees unless otherwise stated.  Please do not forget to take into consideration the cost of supplements.

Phone Consultations     $75 per 15 minutes

Naturopathic Medicine Consulting   $250 per hour
We consult on natural medicine for corporations, healthcare professionals, small businesses or any individual or organization interested in gaining knowledge about natural medicine or increasing the wellness capacity for themselves, their employees and/or their organization.